Grade Six

This term, the Grade Sixes will continue using the Literacy Circle program to explore the novels they read. This will involve the students taking more responsibility for the different roles with which to analyse their texts. Examples of these roles include: Discussion Director (asking open ended questions that arise from their story that will facilitate group conversations), Connector (making connections between events from the text and events from their own lives) and Literacy Luminary (examining the effect that language features such as similes, metaphors and personification have on the delivery of the story). During the group share time it will be more child centred where the teacher will take a minor role when facilitating this task. In addition all the Grade Sixes are reading a serial novel where specific focus is being placed on vocabulary.

In writing, the Grade Sixes will focus on information texts where the students will be required to research various topics about the history of Australia’s Government and its various leaders and then write about the assigned topic. In the second half of the term our Genre will be Fantasy Narratives. The students will be encouraged to use the vocabulary from our serial novel in their fantasy stories .The VCOP program (which focuses on vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) will continue to be a major part of the writing process.

This term in Maths we will complete work on multiplication and division, reinforcing mental strategies before working on the formal process. Length, perimeter, area, volume and capacity, will be covered in Measurement. The second half of the term will see us working on fractions, decimals and percentages. In particular, they will compare, add and subtract fractions and find equivalent ways of expressing them.

Technology will be used to enhance learning in all the curriculum areas.

Our Inquiry topic this term covers the significance of key figures and events that led to Australia’s Federation, including British and American influences on Australia’s system of law and government. It will also touch on the roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government, including shared roles and responsibilities within Australia's federal system.


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   Students use their booklets to reflect on their maths learning.

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 Incorporating our vocab from reading sessions into our VCOP sessions.

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