Grade Three


Hello Semester 2! The Grade 3’s are well and truly settled now as they continue their learning journey.

In English this term will be looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will be exploring novels at their level and continue to borrow Scholastic Learning Zone texts for their take home reading. During reading group time students will have the opportunity to have discussions and share their thoughts about books which aims to improve their confidence and comprehension.

Writing will see the Grade 3 students continue with a Narrative focus along with introducing Transactional writing. Students will learn the structure and features of a transactional piece and will write a number of attempts during their Big Write time. So make sure you check out their talk homework on Wednesday for the topics.

Mathematics will have students once again focusing on place value and measurement. We have been working really hard to create some fabulous hands on activities and can’t wait to share them with the students. As well as being lots of fun, these activities aim to develop, challenge and extend students and their thinking.

Inquiry will be very exciting as we will be focusing on how our community has changed over time since European settlement. To really understand life back then we have organised an excursion to Yarrabee Yesterday’s World. Here the students will get to visit a turn of the century school where they will experience a typical day in a classroom. They will also experience the life of a country child at home, learning about how tasks such as washing were performed. Later in the term we will be learning about Australia’s natural and manmade landmarks and our neighbouring countries.

What an exciting term we have planned, make sure you get to class on time so that you don’t miss out on all the fun!!

From the Grade 3 teachers

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