Grade Two



During Term Three, the children in Grade Two are continuing to be involved in lot of exciting activities!

During reading sessions we are still participating in reading groups where we are learning about different text types. Reading groups cater for different ability groups and include engaging and educational activities. Our writing topics this term include narratives, diary entries and poetry.

In Mathematics, the Grade Two’s this term are learning about the relationship between addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. We are covering these important mathematical concepts by allowing students to take part in fun, hands on activities that relate to real life situations.  

In our Integrated Studies sessions we will focus on the topic Earth’s resource ‘Water’ and how it is used in everyday life. We have planned an exciting excursion for Term 3 where the Grade 2 students will be involved in some interesting activities on that day! 

We are looking forward to an exciting Term Three in Grade Two, where lots of learning and fun will continue to take place!

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