Welcome to Digital Technologies Corner!

Classes will be using web 2.0 tools and a range of learning technologies in many curriculum areas.

Students undertake studies in cybersafety, where safe online behaviours and being responsible digital citizens will be explored, through the use of ThinkUKnow, Cybersafe Kids.

Students in all levels will gather an understanding of the digital systems and how these systems function/operate.

Our school has also subsribed to the two fantastic online programs- Reading Eggs and Mathletics.

All children have received personal log on details and are able to access these sites at home and at school.

These programs are used by teachers to reinforce concepts and strategies being taught in the English and Mathematics curriculum.

Students in Grades 3 - 6 are participating in the Lexile Reading Home Reading Program. Here they will read books at their level and undertake online quizzes at the completion of reading the book. Students have their own username and password for this. This can be accessed at home also.

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