Big Write/VCOP

Big Write is our favourite time of the week here at Roxburgh Park Primary School. This year we have been chosen as an ‘Australasian VCOP and Big Write Show Case School.We are very proud to be one of only six schools Australia-wide to be included in this prestigious group.

VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation) and the Big Write program is implemented throughout the school from Foundation to Grade Six. The philosophy behind ‘Big Write’ is, ‘if the children can’t say it, they can’t write it.’ It encourages the development of language and listening skills in order to develop children’s writing ability. Families are involved through weekly ‘Talk Homework’ which promotes the development of conversations and helps students think about their writing content. Music and mood lighting all help create a wonderful atmosphere in which to write at school.

We have won a number of National Writing Competitions over the past few years for our outstanding story writing. We have also had a number of students who have had their writing published.

Cool Connective of the Week

Term 3 2017

Super cool connective sentences need to be in the WOW word box by Friday lunchtime. 

Starts week 1!

Week 1. but

Week 2. because

Week 3. while

Week 4. although

Week 5. even though

Week 6. however

Week 7. despite

Week 8. so

Week 9. as well as

Week 10. when

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