Five - Our Learning

Hello and welcome to Grade 5! 

The teachers are very excited to work closely with our 2021 Grade 5's. We are in for a wonderful Term 1 with lots of exciting events on the agenda, including our Grade 5/6 camp! 


In Reading this term, Grade 5 students will:

  • read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books about space (including narratives, information reports, news articles, biographies)
  • develop and use a variety of comprehension strategies to improve their understanding of what they have read
  • explore the text structure and language features of different texts
  • continue to discover new and exciting vocab related to the genres they are reading.
  • Scholastic Learning Zone (Lexile reading) will start again with all students expected to read at least 3 books

gr5 2021 1    gr5 2021 2


In Writing, Grade 5 students will:

  • explore the science fiction narrative genre
  • build their vocabulary  through a variety of learning experiences and vocab games
  • write their own science fiction story and information texts
  • publish their writing and share it with their classmates.


In Mathematics, Grade 5 students will:

  • build on their understanding of place value
  • experience a variety of strategies to use when solving problems
  • play a variety of maths games which develop their fluency and understanding
  • explore and develop their understanding of decimal numbers
  • continue to expand their knowledge of time.


In Inquiry, Grade 5 students will investigate the topic of Health. Students will explore and begin to discover how the following questions can impact their lives: 

  • how do our choices affect our lives?
  • how do people's lifestyles affect their health?
  • how can goal setting improve my health?
  • they will have the opportunity to share their learning with their classmates in a variety of ways, for example, SWAY, powerpoint, story creator, flipgrid


  • Students must bring and wear their hats each day
  • Lexile reading will start in week 3, borrowing on Tuesdays, Thursdays or before school
  • Meet the Teacher will be held on the 17th and 18th of February from 3:30pm
  • Please complete book pack order online order form as soon as possible
  • Grade 5/6 camp will run from the 24th - 26th of March, more information will be sent out to families via the Sentral App.

We are looking forward to an exciting beginning to the school year.

The Grade 5 team,

Bianca Larubina, Lisa Edwards-Loach and Tan Ly. 

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