Grade Five


Term 3 will be another busy and productive period for students in Grade 5.  During the term, the students will be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Using these, they will explore many different areas of comprehension including making predictions, asking questions, understanding the author’s purpose and comparing and contrasting texts.

When writing, the students will focus on historical narratives.  They are continuing to learn and apply various aspects of the VCOP/Big Write program.  This will include them using more ambitious adjectives, increasing the accuracy of their use of punctuation and becoming increasingly confident when using more sophisticated connectives.    

During Mathematics lessons in Term three, the students will exploring various aspects of multiplication – from timetable strategies to formal recording.  They will revisit aspects of division, fractions, decimals and percentages.  They will also have their own project that allows them to create a financial plan.  In addition, they will continue made good use of Mathletics to help consolidate these Mathematical skills.

Integrated studies will see the students explore the culture of Aborigines, the arrival of English settlers in Australia and major historical events such as the Gold Rush.  Students will also continue to be exposed to the You Can Do It Program, in order to make them more successful member of our school community.

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