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All students have a class meeting on Teams, every day at 9:00am.

Please connect at 8:50am and have your microphone muted.

 Week 5 Curriculum:  Week 6 Curriculum:  Week 7 Curriculum:  Week 8 Curriculum:
 Inquiry  Inquiry  Inquiry  Inquiry
 Maths  Maths  Maths  Maths
 VCOP  Reading - Purple, Red  Reading - Purple, Red  Reading - Purple Red
 Reading - Green, Blue, Orange  Reading - Purple, Red pt 2  Reading - Green, Blue, Orange  Reading - Green, Blue, Orange
 Reading - Purple, Red  Reading - Green, Blue, Orange  VCOP  VCOP
 Writing   VCOP  Writing  Writing
 Science  Writing  Science  Ou Sound - Purple, Red
 Punctuation Pyramid  Science    Story Retell - Green, Blue, Orange


Maths Week 1 & 2

Split Strategy


Reading & Writing:

Reading Week 1 & 2

Writing Week 1 & 2

VCOP Week 1 & 2


Physical Education:

Level 3-6 Distance Learning with Target Games 

Physical Activity Video


Italian Language Studies:

Italian Resource Booklet for P-2 (Weeks 1-2)

Italian Resource Booklet for P-2 (Weeks 3-4)

Languages Online Italian - (Students do not need a sign-in to access but must make sure they have selected the ITALIAN language).

Italian Language Study Videos:

Learn the colours with your fish friends (Impara i colori con gli amici pesciolini)

Colours in Italian (I colori)

Numbers in Italian 0-10 (Canzone dei numeri)

Numbers 0-20 in Italian (Balloons)

Counting 0-20 in Italian

Italian Vocabulary (Food):

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