Four - Our Learning

Welcome to Term 4! The Grade 5’s have worked incredibly hard during Remote Learning and we couldn’t be prouder of them. We are so excited to see all our Grade 5’s back at school for a wonderful term of learning! 


In Reading, students will develop their understanding of how authors and illustrators tell their stories through pictures. Students will work on developing their understanding of the author’s message and theme of texts and how these themes are present throughout the world today. Students will also explore poetry, unpacking the language features used in poems to convey a message. Students will be exposed to a variety of poems to read and perform to their peers. 


In Writing, students will use their experience during Lockdown and Remote Learning to write recounts. Students will draw on their experiences to develop language features like ‘Writers Voice’ and ‘Points of View’ to develop their writing styles. Students will also explore and experiment with writing their own poems, using a variety of language features and styles of poetry.  


This term in Maths, students will experience the different shapes they see every day. Students will use this understanding to explore the volume and capacity and area and perimeter of these shapes both in the classroom and digitally. Students will develop their understanding of each aspect separately before connecting their new knowledge through hands on and digital learning experiences.


In Inquiry, students will develop their understanding of a business. Students will inquire into the wants and needs of our society and how a business uses this understanding to promote their products. Students will explore the reasons why people have jobs and how these jobs benefit our economy. 


  • Grade 6 jumpers will be available at school to try on in Week 2. You will be able to order your size via the Sentral App. 
    No late orders will be accepted after the 30th October 2020
  • Talk homework this term will be sent home fortnightly on a Wednesday, use this time to talk with your child about their ideas for writing, ready for Big Write on Thursday.
  • Grade 5's will be getting ready for 2021 interschool sports teams, each Friday students will participate in sports activities to prepare them.
  • Please make sure you have downloaded the Sentral App to your phones/devices to keep up to date with school news and information.

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