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The Grade One Team would like to welcome you back to on-site learning at school. We are eager to provide hands-on learning experiences using a range of resources. Social and emotional learning was severely impacted during remote learning so we aim to allow time in our weekly timetable to foster connections and build relationships.  


In Term 4, we will use the topic CIRCUS to propel students into the real and imaginary world of Circus life. We will use a variety of text types, visual and interactive resources to stimulate student engagement and curiosity. The use of this focus will hold and develop our students’ attention to the sights, smells and feelings that are so eloquently detailed in books, poetry and illustrations about Circus. Discussing the vocabulary of Circus, the types of roles that contribute to a Circus, together with the community connections and evolution of Circus over recent years, regarding changes in animal welfare and equality of participation will enable students to develop deep understandings of this rich content.  We will also focus on developing student stamina during independent reading times, to allow for everyone to incorporate and practice the reading strategies taught to date and to concentrate on achievement of their own specific reading goal.   


In Term 4 students' writing will focus on recounts related to CIRCUS texts and their own interpretations of activities undertaken during language experience sessions. They can look forward to participating in activities such as juggling, tight rope walking, balancing, dramatic play, as they act out being Circus performers, during language experience sessions each week. This will be showcased in our special CIRCUS day later in the term.

We will investigate a different text related to Circus each week, demonstrating the scope of texts available on the same topic and how authors and illustrators use different strategies to engage and inform their audience.  Using the weekly text as our focus document, we will use literacy-based activities, games, role plays and music to further develop student knowledge and improvement across all aspects of curriculum. 


In Term 4 students will be identifying everyday activities that involve probability and participate in practical activities about chance. They will develop language used to describe chance events and predict the outcome of familiar events and games played in class. Students will learn vocabulary used to describe position and movement. They will develop their understanding of directional language to confidently follow a sequence of instructions and give and follow directions to familiar locations. Students will revise concepts taught during remote learning, such as multiplication, time and money through hands on maths lessons using concrete materials.  


In Term 4 students will learn about the world around them and where their place is in the world. They will look in detail at Australia and learn about the states and territories. Students will learn why we use maps and how to interpret them. There will be links to the Numeracy Curriculum where students will use directional language to interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features.  


  • No hats, no play! Hats are to be brought to school and worn each day
  • Red reading satchels come to school each day
  • Water bottles need to come to school everyday/ no bubble taps available
  • SWPB books please return to school
  • Book Week dress up Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Digital devices (iPads/ laptops) need to come back to school

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