Grade One

Grade 1 Term 3

In term three in reading students will continue to work in ability groups with a range of text types focusing on reading fluently as well as developing an understanding of new vocabulary.  They will be encouraged to complete a variety of ‘follow up’ comprehension tasks in order to develop understanding of what they have read.  We encourage you to spend time with your child sharing their take home readers by helping them read and discuss what they have read.  Reading and spelling the Oxford Words will also be a priority during the week’s word study sessions.

In Writing, children will be working on narrative and information reports.  The students will participate in VCOP activities and Big Write to support their learning and understanding of how to use adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs in interesting sentences. Students will also be given an opportunity to publish their work from one of their Big Write pieces.

In Maths, students will be learning about subtraction and various strategies to help them solve problems in an efficient way.  The students will also be exploring “groups of” which leads to multiplication and skip counting. In all Maths sessions students’ will have the opportunity to use and use concrete materials  in order to consolidate their knowledge and skills.  In Applied Maths, students will be exploring 3D shapes and location, and will be exposed to positional and directional language.

Our unit for Inquiry is “Past and Present” looking at how family structures have changed or remained the same over time.   As a celebration of this unit, we will take the students to the Melbourne Museum.

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