Six - Our Learning

Term 1 2021

Welcome, Grade Six parents.

We are all very excited about working with your children this year. We start the year off with the schools 'Setting the Scene' program, ensuring that the students and their teacher collaboratively create classroom expectations for their learning. 

This term, we will continue to support your children in their journey to what makes a good learner. In Reading, we will be studying the structure and language of mystery stories. The children will be required to read several mystery stories and identify their various features. Our writing program will extend this theme as the students create mystery stories of their own. The VCOP Program will support their written endeavours as usual.

In Maths, the students will begin the year by building upon their knowledge of place value concepts. They will explore number lines that include both positive and negative numbers, and learn about prime, composite, square and triangular numbers. They will also look at time tables and time, skills they will practise during their camp experience.

This term, the students will be exploring a Health topic focused on adolescent growth and development. They will learn about the social, physical and emotional changes they will experience during this stage of their lives. They will engage in role-play and group work to clarify their understandings and interpretations, and challenge misconceptions. 

On a final note, we look forward to sharing the camp​experience with your children and meeting you all at ‘Meet and Greet’.



  • School start at 8:50 and finishes at 3:10
  • Students to bring hats and drink bottles everyday
  • 17th & 18th February  - Parent/Teacher interviews (Bookings are now open for this)
  • 11th March - Math's Night
  • 19th March - Harmony Day
  • 24th - 26th  March - Grade 5/6 Camp
  • 1st April - Colour Fun Run

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