Grade Six

We welcome you all to Term Four with mixed emotions. It is both an exciting time and a sad time: we are excited to see your children move on to the next phase of their lives, but we are incredibly sad after two years together to say goodbye to such a wonderful group of people.

One of the challenges in this final term will be responding to current affairs, both orally and in writing. Your children will be asked to share their opinions with their peers, and to show appreciation of the opinions of others. They will embark on an Author Study, and will also be researching and studying a piece of poetry of their own choosing, which they will then perform.

In writing we will focus on recounts and procedural texts. The students will be writing a retrospective piece covering the entirety of their primary schooling and they will create ‘how to’ guides for a range of activities.

Mathematics will focus on the meaning, underlying concepts and applications of Fractions and Decimals. This will include adding and subtracting fractions; ordering fractions, decimals and percentages; using fractions and decimals in number patterns and calculating the fraction of an amount. Our measurement studies will focus on Volume and Capacity and will use Minecraft as a vehicle to enhance their understanding of these concepts. This will be followed by an angles topic that will involve naming, estimating, measuring and comparing angles of various types.

This term our Inquiry focus will be Economics. The children will be asked to plan and organise an overseas trip using real world resources and destinations. They will be required to produce a realistic and authentic working budget for their trip.

Additionally the grades will take an active part in the organisation of their graduation, which will include speeches, power point presentations, student awards and dance items.


Grade6 Term4 01

Students enjoying the Science Incursion


Grade6 Term4 02Grade6 Term4 03

Grade 6A and 6B winners of the Grade 5 and 6 term 3 sports competition finals.

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