Grade Three

Grade 3 Term 3

 In English, Grade 3 students will read and respond to an increasing range of fiction and non-fiction texts. 
They will continue to participate in Lexile home reading program, which allows them to read a variety of engaging, levelled texts and complete online comprehension quizzes. 

 In Writing, children will be writing narratives and information reports about a neighbouring country. Weekly ‘Talk Homework’ will continue to be an integral part of developing oral language skills.

 A dedicated ‘classroom library’ has now also been set up in each grade. Children have selected a range of fiction and non fiction books from the library to read during silent reading and partner reading time. Children have been encouraged to make book recommendations to their peers and to share ideas and opinions on the texts they have read. We have seen a terrific increase in enthusiasm for reading books this term!

 During Mathematics this term, Grade 3 students will participate in a variety of daily activities designed to develop mental mathematical skills. Students will be given the opportunity to explore and extend their knowledge in lessons covering multiplication, subtraction, area, volume and capacity. They will work together to solve worded problems and identify mathematical challenges in everyday life. Students will continue to use the Mathletics online program to reinforce concepts tackled in the classroom.

 For our Inquiry unit, students will focus on community and the changes of community over time. They will be given the opportunity to explore these concepts through research tasks, practical activities and an excursion to Werribee Park Mansion. Students will also continue to receiving specialised Science lessons each week.

An exciting term 3!


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