Two - Our Learning

It has been fantastic to get back into the classroom with the students this week and we are looking forward to an amazing term of learning. It is sure to be a busy term and we want to extend our thanks to all of the students and families who worked so hard to make grade 2 remote learning a success!


During remote learning over term 3 we covered many topics such as multiplication and division, fractions and location and transformation. The year 2 students did a fantastic job of demonstrating their learning through work photos, online assessments and live meeting contributions. In term 4 we are focusing on reviewing our knowledge of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) through problem solving, game based learning and hands on activities. Within measurement and geometry we will be focusing on mass, length and area through investigation tasks. We are looking forward to an awesome term of maths learning! 


Through out Term 3's remote learning, it was wonderful to see the students work on developing their understanding of various reading strategies. Their work and contributions during the live lessons and meetings demonstrated to the teachers that students are developing into very capable readers. Some of the strategies we focused on were Questioning, Monitoring, Summarising, and Sequencing. Students participated in online reading groups with Kim and Madonna and recorded themselves reading through Flip Grid. Well Done on a Fabulous effort. Term 4 sees students settling back into reading in the classroom, with rotations, independent reading and continuing to be exposed to various reading strategies to assist them with the fluency and comprehension. We are very excited to see what students and their reading.


Throughout remote learning, students worked on writing narratives about space. In term 4, we are working on information reports and students will have the chance to research the topic of toys. Students will be writing information reports on the different toys that they have researched. Moving forward students will be looking at recounts and exploring the different ways that they can improve their writing.


In Term 3 in Inquiry, we explored Australia's past through the lens of Indigenous Australians and learnt about the arrival of the first boats to Australia (the early settlers). The Grade 2's did a fantastic job of making videos to show their understanding, attending and contributing to live lessons and doing some outstanding work given the strange circumstances of remote learning! Great job Grade 2! This term will have a geography focus, looking at the world around us, where Australia is on the map and learning about the places and landmarks that make our country great!


  • There will be the same 5 entry and exit points to entry the school ground in the morning.
  • Parents won’t be able to come onto the school grounds, so you will have to say goodbye to them at the gate.
  • It’s a sun smart term, so you will need your hat.
  • At the end of each day students be dismissed at different times according to the first letter of their last name. (A- C at 2:40, D - L at 2:55 and M-Z at 3:10)

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