Grade Two

Next term, Grade 2s will be focussing on place value and understanding the different values of numbers depending on where they are in a sequence. We will be applying our knowledge of number to understanding length and measuring different objects using both informal and some formal units of measurement.
Later in the term we will be working on adding single and double digit numbers and looking at different 3D shapes and their properties.

In our literacy sessions this term we will begin with learning about persuasive writing and how we can use punctuation effectively in our writing to make it easier to read. We will be using different emotive words to make sure that readers know out point of view. In reading sessions we will be using different strategies to help us understand both fiction and non-fiction books.

In the classroom this term we will be learning about different cultures in our community and the way that each culture tells stories and communicates their history.
In science we will be focussing on life cycles of different living things.


In Term One our students have been practising their swimming skills which complements our health unit, and in Term Two we are lucky enough to have the chicken hatching program in our classrooms as an incursion to give the students some hands on experience when learning about life cycles.


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