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Welcome to Grade Prep! We are very excited to have all our Preps start their very special first year of school and we have lots of fun things planned for this Term.


In Reading this Term, Prep students will be looking at various Fiction and Non-Fiction big books and learning about the aspects of a book (e.g. Front Cover, Title, Author, Illustrator, reading left to right, Capital Letters and Full Stops).

Prep students will also be working on their 'Reading Stamina' when independently reading their weekly story books.

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In Writing this Term, Prep students will be learning about the letters of the alphabet, what words and things start with that letter and participating in activities based on that letter like making craft creations. 

Students will be writing about themselves and their families as well as drawing and labelling pictures that support their writing. 


In Mathematics this Term, Prep students will be participating in hands on and engaging activities across various topics. They will complete activities on topics that include counting and place value. We will be doing lots of counting through songs and games when counting initially to 10 and then beyond. Prep students will be practising recognising, modelling and reading numbers.


In Term 1, Prep students will explore the topic of 'Me and my school'. They will discuss what makes them special, their likes and dislikes, how they are different and similar and celebrate everybody's uniqueness. 

Prep students will also explore friendship, how to be a good friend and why it's important to have happy and healthy friendships.


  • School start at 8:50am and finishes at 3:10pm
  • Take Home Readers (Red Folders) will go home every night and are to be returned to school every morning
  • Students to bring hats, fruit and labelled drink bottles everyday
  • 17th & 18th February - Parent/Teacher interviews (Bookings are now open for this).

We look forward to lots of amazing learning and laughter this Term! :) 

The Grade Prep Team

Maria Neocleous (Miss. Neo) and Laura Finnigan (Miss. F)

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