This term in English, Preps will continue working through the alphabet and the most common sounds letters make through the Read Write Inc. phonics program.
In Reading, Prep students will be working in a variety of group settings.  When reading, they will use reading strategies taught and use their knowledge of sounds and letters, high frequency words and punctuation to make meaning.
In Writing, the Preps will be building on their knowledge of the relationships between letters and sounds to write simple texts. In formal handwriting sessions, the Prep students will continue to form upper and lower case letters correctly.
In Numeracy, Prep students will continue to participate in hands on activities to develop their understandings of Number. They will be learning how to connect number names numerals and quantities, count on from the largest number, connect time to different events in a day, days of the week, money and 2D shape.

In our Inquiry Unit, the students will be learning weather and the environment.  
Students will be exploring daily and seasonal changes in our environment, and its impact on our daily lives.  They will be engaged in exploring Weather and seasons and the ways in which different cultural groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, describe them.
Students will continue to be provided a take home book and oxford words each day.  Parents are encouraged to read with their child and talk about the story.  Home reading provides the opportunity to practice the skills taught at school and build student confidence and enjoyment of reading.
Making patterns with objects
Using informal measurement to measure the length of their mini me

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