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Roxburgh Park Primary School prides itself on offering all students a comprehensive and effective literacy education. Literacy is a curriculum priority within the school. All students' skills are supported and extended at all grade and ability levels. We also offer a specialised enrichment program to challenge our students and support their learning needs. We have an extensive library and our children have weekly opportunities to borrow books to share with their family and friends.

Book Week is a highlight of the school year. Staff and students dress up as their favourite book characters, good literature is celebrated and parents and families are invited to join in the fun!

Key elements of our literacy programs are:

  • Daily focused two hour literacy lessons where students engage with a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts for enjoyment. They listen, read, view, respond, interpret and evaluate a wide range of texts.
  • Writing sessions, where students are exposed to and write a variety of genres, as well as participating in handwriting, spelling and grammar lessons.
  • Development of Digital literacy, through the use of programs such as reading eggs and Scholastic Learning Zone
  • Encouragement and development of oral language skills through weekly ‘talk homework’.
  • Training and Professional Development of staff, to stay updated with current literacy practices, research and information.
  • Whole school commitment to delivering quality literacy learning.
  • Support, training and information for parents wishing to support their child's literacy learning.
  • Ongoing assessment of literacy skills.
  • Sharing of student progress with parents on a regular basis.
  • Planned and structured literacy programs specific to the individual needs of each student and focused teaching to support and direct extended learning.

Literacy is central to all learning at Roxburgh Park Primary School and students are actively engaged in literacy activities to complement their overall learning and specific literacy skills

Semester Two:

Semester Two has seen many exciting things happening in our classrooms and around the school.

All classrooms now have their own Classroom Libraries with over 200 fiction and non-fiction books available for the students to read in the classroom. Intensive vocabulary work is being done from Foundation to Grade Six, to build the word bank of our students. The results have been very positive and the students are using these ‘new’ words in their daily oral language and Big Writes. A number of staff have been attending Leading Literacy Professional Development days and are excited to bring new ideas and the latest initiatives into our classrooms at Roxburgh Park Primary School.

The highlight of Term Three is always Book Week. This year saw teachers and students dress up in a wide range of their favourite book characters. The Wonky Donkey, Mr Chicken, Mrs Wishy Washy and Mr Strong, just to name a few, were all spotted at the event. It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members coming along to watch the parade and to help us celebrate the wonderful world of books!

Our students Big Write stories have continued to impress, with a number of schools around Victoria visiting our classrooms to see the program in action. We are currently creating and publishing our stories into class books which will be displayed in the Library. Pop in to check out some of the writing of our young authors. Students are using the Green Screen to share their writing and a number of classrooms have linked up with well-known Australian authors, including Andy Griffiths during webinars to hear their tips and inspirations for writing award winning books.

Literacy 1

Big Write/VCOP

Big Write is our favourite time of the week here at Roxburgh Park Primary School. This year we have been chosen as an‘Australasian VCOP and Big Write Show Case School.’ We are very proud to be one of only six schools Australia-wide to be included in this prestigious group.

VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation) and the Big Write program is implemented throughout the school from Foundation to Grade Six. The philosophy behind ‘Big Write’ is, ‘if the children can’t say it, they can’t write it.’ It encourages the development of language and listening skills in order to develop children’s writing ability. Families are involved through weekly ‘Talk Homework’ which promotes the development of conversations and helps students think about their writing content. Music and mood lighting all help create a wonderful atmosphere in which to write at school.

We have won a number of National Writing Competitions over the past few years for our outstanding story writing. We have also had a number of students who have had their writing published.

Check out some of our Big Writes from this year!





Literacy 2


Read Write Inc 

Read Write Inc Phonics is the vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound-blend words (decoding) at the same time as developing writing and spelling skills (encoding). Word recognition is dependent on decoding rapidly and without speedy decoding, children have great difficulty comprehending text. Crucially, they read lively Storybooks and Non-fiction books with words they can decode, so they achieve success in reading. The more sounds they know the greater the range of texts they can read.

Teachers and teaching assistants, really enjoy teaching Read Write Inc. Phonics.  Firstly, because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing children learn to read and write so quickly and secondly, because the high level of planning gives new teachers practical day-to-day guidance and experienced teachers the energy and time to plan creatively.

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