Numeracy @ Roxy

At Roxburgh Park Primary School, the goal of our Numeracy program is to promote the love of maths while simultaneously developing maths skills in a structured and supportive environment. We aim to achieve this by developing each student’s ability to understand and apply reasoning, fluency and problem solving to everyday experiences.

Roxburgh Park Primary School’s shared vision is for all students to receive high quality teaching in mathematics to support the development of rich mathematical knowledge and understanding and for all students to apply mathematical skills with confidence in their daily lives.

Students participate in a minimum of 300 minutes of Mathematics per week, and teachers integrate Mathematics into other curriculum areas where applicable. 


At Roxburgh Park Primary School we like to encourage students to use Mathematics in their everyday lives and here are some ways in which you can help support your child’s learning at home:

  • Count the food items as they are placed in the trolley or unpacked at home.
  • Count each toss of the ball as you play a game.
  • Count the steps to the letterbox, front door, clothes line.
  • Collect and count objects such as toys, shells, and flowers from the garden.
  • Count days on a calendar. Count days down to a special event.
  • Read books that involve counting.

Ask your child questions to encourage them to investigate maths:

  • What shapes can you see?
  • How could we measure the...?
  • How will we find half?
  • What is the best way to share...?

Turn everyday events or objects into a maths story:

  • Count the fruit in the fruit bowl.
  • Cut fruit into six pieces.
  • Count the pieces of toast you cooked at breakfast.
  • Add the total of cutlery at the table.
  • Count the number of people travelling in the car or the bus. 

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