Performing Arts

Throughout the year in Performing Arts, students will be learning about drama. They will learn to imagine and participate in the exploration of their worlds, individually and in groups. Through playing various improvisation and spontaneity games; as well as rehearsing scripted plays, students will actively use their bodies, gestures, movements, voices and languages, taking on various roles which will explore and depict real and imagined worlds. They will create, rehearse, perform and respond using the elements and conventions of drama.Students will learn to think, move, speak and act with confidence. In making and staging drama they will learn how to be focused, innovative and resourceful, and collaborate and take on responsibilities for drama presentations. Those students who wish to extend their acting and performance skill will be able to audition for the Drama Club.


Students will also be participating in music sessions and lessons. In the classroom, they will participate in listening, performing and composing activities. These activities aim to enhance students’ capacity to perceive and understand music. Students will learn about rhythm, beat and timing as well as learning the various different genres of music from around the world. A select group of students will have the opportunity to extend their music knowledge and skills through extracurricular lunchtime music lessons. These students will learn how to play the drums, guitar, keyboards, percussion and singing through a choir.

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