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During Physical Education this term students will participate in a variety of activities aimed at improving their fitness and skill levels in a variety of activities.

The focus for each year level this term is as follows:

Grade Prep- Students will be exploring free movement, including jumping, hopping, skipping, etc and directed movement such as balancing, catching, throwing, bouncing and rolling.

Grade One- Students will be involved in throwing and catching activities, focusing on developing the correct technique. The students will be encouraged to improve their under-arm throwing ability leading to the over-arm throw. Bouncing and rolling will be introduced. Jumping, hopping and skipping will be a focus. 

Grade Two- Students will participate in lessons aimed at improving their control of small balls through a variety of catching, throwing and hitting activities. Correct grip and follow through will be a focus. Students will also focus on their large ball skills, such as: kicking, dribbling, etc

Grade Three- Students will be introduced to the over-arm throw using the correct technique and be assessed on their catching skills. The students will also take part in minor games, including soccer and striking games. Athletics will be introduced. Swimming has been introduced for last 2 weeks of term.

Grade Four- Students will test their catching skills, using the correct technique as well as being introduced to the over-arm throw, again using the correct technique. Minor games introduced this term include soccer and Hot Shots tennis. Athletics will be introduced. Crouch start, relay baton change, long jump, discuss and shot put. Swimming has been introduced for the last 2 weeks of term.

Grade Five- Students will engage in sessions to enhance their knowledge of cricket (batting, bowling and Fielding). Games will include French Cricket and Rapid Fire Cricket. Athletics skills (running, jumping, shot-put, discus and vortex). Circular Relay Baton change will be introduced.

Grade Six- Students will focus on cricket, soft-ball and athletics skills (running, jumping, shot-put, discus and vortex).

All students will also take part in a variety of assessment tasks at the beginning of the term, this includes standing broad jump, vertical jump, sit and reach and shuttle run.

Throughout Term 1, students in Grade 5 & 6 will play interschool sport each Friday morning. This will begin on the 6th of February 2017.  All teams have been training hard in preparation for our first game.

House sport has been introduced this year for the students not in interschool teams. Weekly these students choose from 3 sports then play a round robin of competition.  The 3 sports will be Basketball, Rounders and Hockey.

Shortly students (10 years and over) will be able to try out for Athletics and Cross Country teams. These activities will take place later in the year. Cross Country ( Fun Run ) for grade 4 to 6  will be held in early March. A whole school athletics day is planned for March also.

Camp for Grade 5 and 6 is March 27th to 29th at Candlebark near Healseville

We are looking forward to a great year!

Mrs Watts

Physical Education

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