Term 1 in STEM

This year, we are looking forward to an uninterrupted sequence of learning which will hopefully see students exploring a range of fascinating science topics and demonstrating a variety of STEM based skills. 


To start off on the right foot, students have used their first lesson to setup the routines and rules for learning in the STEM room. They have also created STEM goals and identified areas of interest to help focus their learning. It has been great to see the enthusiasm of developing minds as they turn their wonderings into curiosity questions. Below are some of the burning questions just waiting to be answered...

How does a light switch on? stem5

by Fatina 4C

How do you hear the sea from a shell? 

 by Marwan 3C

How long does it take NASA to get into space?

by Hadeel 5B

What happens if I write the wrong thing when coding? 

by Grace 6A

Does a cactus grow like other plants?

by Layla 4Ccactus just wants to be left alone

Why is a cactus spiky? 

by Zane 4B

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