Visual Arts

It’s very exciting to see all students back in the Art Room after 2 full term’s absence. Everyone (especially Ms Sheryl) is happy to be able to use the resources and mediums available to us!

Due to the nature of Term 2 & 3’s Art session it is now time to get a little bit messy and very, very creative in our wonderful Art Room.

The first 3 weeks of Term 4 will see all year levels creating, experimenting and developing new skills using ‘Watercolour Paints’ for a variety of artworks.

Look out for the up and coming displays around the school and in the Art Room of the following tasks:

      Spider Webs
        Year 1 & 2
        Fish Bowls

            Year 3 & 4
    Watercolours Garde

           Year 5 & 6
 Watercolour Dictionary
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