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Community Hub

Roxburgh Park Community Hub is an inclusive, welcoming, and friendly environment within the school where people come to learn, share and grow together.

Our shared goals:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Parent engagement
  • Celebrate cultural diversity
  • Provide a range of educational and training opportunities/Pathways for children and adults.
  • Combat social isolation and social issues together
  • Provide a safe place for all members of the community to connect and share their stories openly.

Families are invited to come join in with our fun activities and build healthy connections to the community and experience a genuine sense of belonging.

Activities provided in the hub:

  • Playgroup – Daily Monday to Thursday
  • Computer class – upon request
  • English class – Tuesday
  • English Conversation class – Wednesday
  • Zumba – Mondays
  • Cooking – Wednesday
  • Gardening – Thursday
  • Sewing and craft – Monday
  • Self care – Tuesdays
  • Breakfast club
  • The Fathering Project
  • The Homework club
  • Australian Citizenship Course – Thursdays
  • Community celebrations

Email Nadia at hub@roxburghparkps.vic.edu.au or alaa.tebeileh@education.vic.gov.au for more information!