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School Council

The School Council is an elected body of parents and teachers who play an important role in the running of the school. They handle things such as finance, maintenance and fund raising, as well as making recommendations on curriculum issues.

Elections are held at a Public Meeting in March, with elected members holding office for a two-year period. A minimum of eight school council meetings are held every year. If you have any questions about School Council, please contact the school office for details.

Executive Officer                              Samantha Kenely

School Council President                Kim Khalifa

Vice President                                    Funda Aksan

Treasurer                                            Vankat Rajkumar

Parent Member                                 Nariman El-Mir

Parent Member                                 Ram Kandel

Parent Member                                 Derya Metin

Parent Member                                 Alison Ruzzier

DET Staff                                              Libbi Posar

DET Staff                                              Adrian Hanson