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Learning Maths – Winning Trophies

At the break of dawn some of our 5/6 mathematician travelled across Melbourne to Swinbourne University to compete in the 2022 Super Powered FFL competition. 

As a team we had set a target of achieving over 100 points for the day, within the team we had many experts. Some students took the lead on presenting our Innovation project, some refined our robot design and some of our grade sixes took the lead in coding our robot. 

On arrival at Swinburne University, we found our PIT table and reviewed the program to create a team schedule. 

Team Fivers in their final round made a big improvement to score a whopping 150! Missing the Hand mission on otherwise a near perfect run. Our Team Fivers, was made up of Ameena, Ari, Lucus, Tomas and Sehaj. 

Team Sixers, scored 135 point in rounds two and three, with the Oil Rig and Windmill missions working 100% of the time. Our Team Sixers, was made up of Lujayen, Grace, Raaage, Mina, Moses and Isaac. 

With teamwork and core values shown by all students at Roxburgh Park and the competing schools, our first competition was a huge success winning the BREAKOUT TROPHY. All of the students are excited for next year’s competition. 

Big thanks to Cody, Roxburgh College graduate and past FLL national round competitor, for all of the advice and coaching throughout the term.  

If you’d like to join the group, please get in touch with Tony Faltiska.  



Last week we had our annual Amazing Maths Race, families come together to complete against one another. Each member had a role including our Clue Collector – Hands in and collects clues at the clue stations, Clue Reader – Reads the clues to the group and the Solving...

Fire Fighters visit the Preps!

Fire Fighters visit the Preps!

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Annual Young Leaders Conference

Annual Young Leaders Conference

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